Foundation Program

There are four main intakes for MBA Foundation Program throughout 2020-21 academic year. Tentative start dates are listed in the following table. Students are required to receive your Letter of Acceptance from IEP partner universities prior to enrollment on IEP. To ensure having access to the latest information and calendar please sign up with us.



Whom should attend!

IEP Foundation program is suitable for students whom planning to earn an MBA degree. MBA Foundation Program help assists students lacking necessary initial skills such as language, and business fundamentals to improve their weakness areas. Moreover, our students could start with much lesser stress at the university due to their exposure to destination university education system and submission requirements which is being followed strictly by IEP. The minimum entry requirements for IEP Foundation Program is to have a valid score of 5.5 on language proficiency exams such as IELTS or equivalent similar exams.

Where to start my Foundation Program!

IEP Foundation Program students start their courses and subjects from their home country from everywhere. It allows the international students to ‘jump start’ their degree program after completion of their initial courses in their home country. Students have to complete a combination of basic courses that all are part of their first semester at the IEP partner university. Upon successful completion of IEP Foundation Program, the approved credits of the program will be transferred towards student’s degree program, based on the agreement between IEP and the partner university. Therefore, students could reduce the length of time they require to complete their program at destination university and save time and costs during their study.

What are the Subjects in MBA Foundation Program!

The MBA Foundation Program consists of the following blended courses:
-MBAF 501 - Business and Academic Writing
-MBAF 502 - Quantitative Skills for Business
-MBAF 504 - Economics from a Business Perspective
Students cover the following two parts:
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