IEP 2018 Students Graduated!

More than 150 students participated in our blended MBA preparation program in 2018. By engaging in individual and virtual team assignments provided over IEP, they familiarize themselves with the principles of managing businesses.

The IEP platform multicultural environment facilitates students to understand the Canadian study format, expectations and the way each course is assessed.

IEP Customized Language Skills Course for IELTS 5.5

If you are not achieving the minimum university language score, we are here to assist you. Our customized language skills course prepares the students to meet the IELTS exam requirements by the end of the course and therefore our university partners widely accept our Customized Language Skills Course as long as you are meeting the minimum score of 5.5 on the IELTS exam. Our 2018 students all passed the IELTS exam successfully after their successful participation in our Customized Language Skills Course.

Widen Your Friendship, Experts and Career Network

Our cross-functional study teams remove traditional classroom barriers. While you are in a certain class, you work with students of other classes during team assignments and this exposes you to even greater cross-cultural understanding and prepares you to be ready for the university classes once you completed your preparation program. Weekly troubleshooting classes are an interesting virtual class where you can find new friends, team up and participate in each other’s assignments.

We Prepare You for Even More…

All IEP Programs students are provided with free general consultation about Living in Canada, Local Culture, Visa, Accommodation, Scholarships, Admission, and Checklists important parts, Personal Financing and all the information you need about your destination University. IEPcounselors assist students throughout the study process for obtaining a study visa in order to ensure their timely attendance to the university upon completion of preparation courses.