Student Guide

Step-by-step guide to start your Higher Education studies in North America from your home country on IEP

IEP Blended Articulation programs, assists international students to start their study abroad journey right from their home country and attend the first or more semesters of their study program on IEP. Starting your study abroad on IEP allows you to substantially save on tuition fee and living costs. Moreover, while students continue their study, they can apply for their study visa to save their time on visa obtaining process. IEP help assists international students to complete their Pre-Arrival Preparation Program and those whom do not meet the expected language skills complete their language subjects on IEP and become eligible for part time work immediately upon landing in North America.

Following chart provides key steps that students need to follow prior and during their study on IEP

IEP provide you free consultancy along the way to ensure you receive accurate information and assist you need to make the right decision.
Subjects completed on IEP and received “Pass” score will not be repeated at the university.
Students are allowed to complete Foundation Program and Pre-Arrival Preparation courses in addition to being able to complete their initial semesters on IEP depending on their “Student Registration” and our agreement with IEP partner university.

And here are the details you may require:
Prior to starting your study:

Speak to us

If you are not sure where and how to start, don’t’ worry, we are here for you. Fill and sign up with us via our “Home” page and right your preferences and question. We will contact you to provide you the right customized feedback and every detail about best potential opportunity. Your future is bright and we take every endeavor to provide you with fair access to the high-quality world-class education through our partner universities.

Once you decided which IEP university partner you are looking to continue your studies in, then you are ready to apply.

Apply to your university

Through its direct partnership with the destination university, IEP assists international students to complete their application in compliance with the university requirements. We will provide you with the latest university guidelines and changes about their application handling process and will take every effort to give you the most accurate and legal information you may require in regards to the compliance of your application with the university standards.

Obtain University Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

Upon submission of your application to the university, we will inform and follow up with the university on your application and notify you if any further information was required. We stay with you along the process of application assessment till you receive the university results. Once your application processed and your eligibility was accepted with the university, you will receive university Letter of Acceptance (LOA). You may receive conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLOA) if you partially meet university admission requirements. This is the stage you are ready to start your study abroad journey with IEP.

Enroll on IEP

Upon receiving your valid LOA and or CLOA, we assist you with the enrollment on our IEP portal where you can start your education based on our flextime calendar. We provide you with IEP student contract and upon your payment of the first semester tuition fee, provide you with your chosen IEP partner university credentials.

Complete Your IEP Courses

Depending on your registration, you need to complete one of the following courses;

Students of all above courses are entitled to attend IEP Pre-Arrival Preparation course for free

You are required to complete your assignment and courses within the overall given time table as per your registration and successfully pass all of the courses with the minimum acceptable mark as per your destination partner university of IEP. For example, minimum eligibility criteria to transfer your credits for subjects completed on IEP is to receive equivalent of minimum “B” or higher marks on all subjects studied on IEP. Please note that scores vary depending on your selected program and partner university of IEP.
Once you completed all your studies on IEP, we will issue your transcripts and transfer your credits to your opted IEP partner university.

Continue Your Studies at Your Opted IEP Partner University

You are almost there! Students whom enroll on IEP have a much higher chance of successful admission to their opted university since they have already started their study abroad journey on IEP. You need to fill out the student visa application form, and submit it along with the LOA and IEP enrolment letter or transcripts to the visa application center depending on your location. Based on our statistics collected from visa process results, IEP students have better chances of securing a study visa. Our data shows at least 40% increase in the success rate versus the existing average (source: IRCC 2019). Student visa depending on every individual case can take up to four months. Starting your studies on IEP help assists to continue your higher education while you are awaiting to receive your student visa. In the event of unsuccessful visa application, we return up to 60% of the tuition that you have paid to IEP. We provide you free consultancy and as much as information possible to ensure you navigate through the visa application process smoothly.

Now you are ready to go!

Congratulations! Now that you have successfully completed your IEP course, and are ready to start your degree program at IEP partner university, we provide you assistance and information you might need on matters big or small such as:

And finally, upon your enrollment on IEP, you are granted with the lifetime access to the IEP network where you find international students of your home country and you can build your network of friends prior to arriving in your selected North American IEP partner university.