Agent Partner Guide – NOT LINKED

At IEP, we believe that access to world-class international universities requires collaboration and teamwork with forward-thinking agents. We highly value our partner agents and provide them with the necessary support and information to identify and prepare self-motivated candidates for their educational journey. As our valued partner agent, you can expect the following services from us:

Co-Branding, Marketing, and Advertisement: Our digital and SEO marketing strategies, combined with localized workshops in your city or country, provide you with continuous opportunities for promotions and advertisements. We prioritize co-branding efforts to enhance the credibility of our partnership and promote our collaborative efforts to potential students.

Facilitated Admission Process: We provide initial screening of candidates, free consultancy, and facilitate the university enrollment process for our partner agents. This process helps reduce the stress and tension for the applicants, resulting in improved collaboration between the agents and students. We ensure that our partner agents are always up-to-date with the latest admission policies, requirements, and deadlines.

High Credibility: Our agents benefit from our partnership agreements with universities, and applicants have higher trust in the offerings by our partner agents. As a result, our agents enjoy greater success in recruiting qualified applicants for our partner universities.

Better Commission: In addition to their regular benefits and commissions, we pay additional commission fees to our agents for every student they introduce. Our commission structure is designed to incentivize and motivate our partner agents to recruit the best-qualified applicants.

Incentivized Commission: Our incentive schemes are designed to motivate our partner agents to recruit more qualified applicants. The higher the number of qualified applicants recruited, the better the incentives for our partner agents. Our agents also benefit from direct access to the partner universities available on our platform, which provides confidence and trust to the universities during their engagement with the agents.

Study Permit Retainer Agreement: While our core focus is not visa and immigration consultancy, we introduce all students directly approaching IEP to their nearest local agent. This referral process ensures that students receive the necessary visa and immigration advice and support from our trusted partner agents.

At IEP, we are committed to providing our partner agents with the necessary support to succeed. Together, we can help students achieve their educational goals and create a brighter future.