IEP Cookies Policy

IEP Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

These cookies might be a small text file, letter, number or similar formats that will be stored on your device when you accept to browse on our website. They usually contain a series of characters in order to distinguish you from other users of our website.

We use cookies to observe user experience on our website and they allow us to know if you have visited our website in the past. They help us to improve your navigation quality and experience on our website and if required to remember your preferences. These cookies may be used for our marketing activities and promotions by providing you tailored opportunities via delivering more relevant subjects.

We use the following type of cookies to improve your online experience with us.

Examples System How Purpose Type
Social media interactions and relevant navigations on our website These cookies are being updated on our partners and service providers’ website. These cookies help us to provide a better online experience while browsing on the website and during your interaction by our social media. These cookies mainly deliver the service for Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and their expiries are defined in the cookies policy of our relevant service provider. These cookies assist us to ensure basic functionality of our website during your interaction and online sessions and provide you with the services you may require from our service providers and partners including social media enablers. Without accepting these cookies the full or part of the certain functionalities might not be available that might results in poor experience of our website. We recommend accepting our cookie policy to ensure optimum experience of the website during your online sessions. Functionality

Language, Region

Or Remembering your unique Login and Password
  These cookies usually are persistent and some expire after online session. We use performance cookies to improve your online session experience by delivering you the preferences you have opted in your previous online sessions. Performance
  Google Analytics and similar services

By registering a unique ID to generate statistical data on how you interact with our website. Usually these cookies expire after two years

We collect statistic cookies to collect anonymous data of visitors of our website and analyze the collective behavior in order to improve the online session experience. This also helps us to provide better local experience to our users without recording personal information. Statistics

Browse, Navigate, Explore

Or Login
Our website service provider essential cookies and our partners’ website service provider essential cookies These cookies enable navigation, login and similar activities during your browsing session on the website. They automatically being installed on your browser upon acceptance of our cookies policy and generally will remain only during your online session and expire later on. These cookies are required to start the browsing session on the website and without accepting them you will be requested to leave the website immediately. Strictly Necessary Cookies

You may decide to block cookies or change the setting of previously accepted cookies through the setting on your browser. However, we recommend accepting our cookies policy in order to have utmost performance of the website. Please also note that without accepting strictly necessary cookies you may not be able to browse the website. For more information about how we use information we gather from you, please read our privacy policy.