University Program

The growing success of our Foundation Program encouraged IEP and its partner universities to increase the diversity of blended articulation programs part of IEP offerings in order to unlock further opportunities for international students. Together with its partner universities, IEP is currently designing various Blended Articulation Programs part of 2020-21 academic year offerings. The goal is to facilitate Bachelor and Master of Business Administration Students to start their degree program from their home country by studying initial and basic subjects of their program from home and via IEP Platform. Upon successful completion of these subjects on IEP, credits are transferable to the IEP partner universities based on university guidelines. IEP Blended Articulation Programs strictly follow University Guidelines to maintain and satisfy university quality assurance guidelines. These guidelines are:

Our near future programs are:

1. Bachelor of Arts

2. Bachelor of Science

3. Post Baccalaureate Diploma

For more information about IEP Blended Articulation Programs, please contact us on