English Pathway

After enrollment in Pathway, students will attend intensive daily language improvement classes depending on their standard Academic test results. Once completed the Pathway courses successfully, they continue in the International Foundation or University Articulation courses then start their university program.

Course specification

  1. The course curriculum is designed for language learners who need to improve English language proficiency and cultural learning for living and studying in North America
  2. Instructors are experts who have both excellent knowledge of teaching and life experience
  3. Course are delivered online
  4. There are Teaching assistants available to meet in person for trouble shooting
  5. Placement tests are online
  6. The advantage of the courses is the focus on conceptual development in second language learning which is ignored in many language learning settings
  7. There are relevant and goal-oriented assignments designed for each level focusing language skills for the knowledge development purposes
  8. Students can have access to the recorded class online

Distinctive features of IEP pathway courses

  1. No requirement for IELTS/TOEFL
  2. Conditional admission with no English Language test
  3. Intensive courses with particular focus on (academic/real) life in North America
  4. Courses are designed to assist applicants with the target placement test
  5. Outstanding learning experience in class size of 7-10 students