Gearing up for 1,000 students in 2020!

Our ambitious goal of providing equal opportunities, is about to change 1,000 students life. After successful launch in 2018, already 303 students completed their first and second semesters on our platform and unlocked their future in their opted Canadian universities. Now with them become our story teller and significant progress in partnership with futuristic universities, we are set to change to the life of another 1,000 students in 2020.
On IEP platform, students study their basic modules, improve their language skills, get exposed to the Canadian multicultural society, and become familiar with the academic writing requirements required to continue their studies in the Canadian universities. These preparatory steps reduces their stress and enables them for a better and more confident start at the university upon completion of their modules on IEP.
With the continuous technological advancement of the world, MBA is one of the most demanding fields and we’ve made the world class MBA courses accessible and affordable for you starting at your doorstep.
Join our community and plan your education and career more prospectus now!


International Education Platform (IEP) is a blended platform that was initiated from an international collaboration between universities with a team of faculty members from top Canadian universities.